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Patient Portal

Lompoc Health's portal lets you have round-the-clock convenient access to your health information, when and where you need it.

Lompoc Health's patient portal can be used to review information from your doctor's office, including upcoming and past appointments, current medications, lab and imaging test results, and more. You can log in online from the Patient Portal homepage or use the "Healow" mobile app.

Request an Account

To receive a patient portal account, you must be invited by Lompoc Health. To request an account for our patient portal, please e-mail our Patient Portal Support team.

Parents/permanent legal guardians can request proxy access to their child's patient portal account by submitting a completed Minor portal access form. Parents/permanent legal guardians with more than one child require a separate form for each child.

Laws for the privacy of a minor over the age of 12 by the State of California for certain categories of information restrict parents and legal guardians from having access to the minor’s records without the minor patient and the provider's consent. To protect the privacy of these records, we do not offer proxy access for patients between the ages of 12 and 17.

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