Specialties include diagnosing and treating the full range of childhood illnesses, including minor health matters to more serious diseases. Our physicians conduct routine well-child visits for youngsters through the first years of life into toddlerhood, as well as annual checkups as a child ages.

Our pediatricians will chart your child’s necessary immunizations; carry out physical exams; advice of growth and behavior milestones; treat infections and injuries; suggest specialist referrals and answer a wide range of parental questions about health, nutrition, and development.

We offer consultations and treatment in child-friendly rooms, decorated in pleasing colors and cheerful wall hangings.

Our Pediatricians

We understand that the relationship between you and your child's physician is a partnership. That’s why our physicians will always involve you in decisions that affect your child's health and wellness.

Status Last Name First Name Degree Specialty Address Phone Number
Husayn Farooq MD Pediatrics 1225 N H St (805) 737-8760
Mehta Abhishek MD, MPH Pediatrics 1225 N H St (805) 737-8760
McBride Sherry RN, PNP Pediatrics 1225 N H St (805) 737-8760

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