Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

Plastic and reconstructive surgery is done to correct abnormalities caused by congenital disabilities, traumatic injuries, cancer treatments, and degenerative diseases.

Plastic surgery is most commonly used to improve body function. However, plastic surgery may also be used to create a more normal appearance and improve self-esteem- this is if often called cosmetic surgery.

Reconstructive Surgery

A few of the more common conditions that can be improved with reconstructive surgery are:

Wound Care

Most wounds heal on their own, but sometimes wounds need a little help. For some patients, the wound healing process is complicated or delayed due to factors such as advancing age, chronic disease, or weak immune system.

Your primary care provider can help you decide if your wound would benefit from the expertise of our wound care providers. Every individual and surgery is unique. Our surgeons are skilled and practiced at determining what type of wound closure option is best given the specific circumstances.

Cosmetic Surgery

Something as individually specific as cosmetic surgery deserves a one-of-a-kind result, delivered with a personal touch.

If you’ve ever considered enhancing your figure, you know that finding the right surgeon that understands your personal needs is paramount. We combine professional experience with an artisan approach to care to ensure a beautiful, successful result for every patient, every time.

Some of the surgeries performed include:

While most insurance companies may cover part of surgery to correct a congenital or traumatic defect, some may not cover elective cosmetic procedures at all. We are more than happy to contact your insurance company to determine coverage options.

So whether you want to add natural curves to a small frame or are seeking to return your postpartum figure to its pre-baby look, Lompoc Health Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery could be right for you. To learn more, contact Lompoc Health today at (805) 737-8700.

Our Plastic Surgery Providers

We understand that the relationship between you and your physician is a partnership. That’s why our physicians will strive involve you in decisions that affect your health and wellness.

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