Our providers take time to become a specialist in you, by getting to know your medical and family history and your personal preferences. We work with you to develop a personalized care plan that’s right for you.

Primary Care Services

Family Medicine

Our Family Medicine practitioners are the foundation of the health care system, able to establish long-term relationships with patients from birth to the elder years.

The comprehensive nature of family medicine care includes acute intervention, chronic disease management, end-of-life care and preventative services. Family medicine physicians are your advocates and will ensure you receive the most appropriate screenings and current preventative services.

In their scope of care, our physicians perform a wide-variety of procedures and services, including circumcisions, treatment of minor bone fractures, wellness checks, skin cancer screenings, medication reconciliation and more. Our family practitioners foster personal patient-physician relationships, to create an integrated healthcare plan for each individual.

Internal Medicine

For your adult health care needs, our Internal Medicine physicians can treat not only your common general medical conditions, but can assess you for a broad spectrum of illnesses and afflictions commonly affecting adults.

Our internists’ care spans minor injuries to complex, chronic health concerns.

Upon diagnosis, our Internal Medicine physicians provide treatment and advice on disease prevention, medication management, chronic disease management and coordinated care when several different illnesses or health concerns are present at once.

Additionally, Internal Medicine physicians provide guidance on health maintenance, such as preventative screenings. Our internists can also manage the transition from outpatient to inpati ent setting if needed, or provide healthcare management advice and direct referrals to specialists.

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Primary Care Physicians

We understand that the relationship between you and your physician is a partnership. That’s why our physicians will strive to involve you in decisions that affect your health and wellness.

Status Last Name First Name Degree Specialty Address
Li Lawrence MD Family Medicine 1225 N H St
Ryavec Lisa PA-C Family Medicine 1225 N H St
Angle LesleyPA-C Family Medicine 1225 N H St
Trottier Pam NP Family Medicine 1225 N H St
Andersen Gilbert MD Internal Medicine 1225 N H St
Krzeminski Sylvia MD Internal Medicine 1225 N H St
Burgess Daryl DO Internal Medicine 1225 N H St
Ital Rosa MD Internal Medicine 1225 N H St
Straits Cathy MD Internal Medicine 1225 N H St

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